What is Zotea · Culinary Experience?

Zotea is a Culinary Center framed in an alternative model of communitarian development through cultural and ecological tourism. This place of exchange of gastronomic knowledge seeks to vindicate the cultural traditions of the populations of the Chocoan coast in the Colombian Pacific, betting on the synergy between the traditional knowledge and the cultural and biological diversity of the territory, in order to consolidate value chains that range from production to the commercialization of value-added foods such as coconut oil and organic rice.

¿What we do?

ZOTEA is a restaurant, a green house, a production center, an exchange of knowledge, and a communitarian dream, that aims to generate opportunities to improve the income and quality of life of the community of Coquí and nearby villages from the South of Nuquí.

Why Zotea?

In a community of fishermen and farmers ZOTEA represents the best of both worlds. A boat: zotea, small boat or canoe that lost its ability to navigate but acquires a new meaning as a traditional food growing system.

Coquí · Ubicado en el municipio de Chocó

How the Project was Born?

ZOTEA was conceived thanks to the union between two organizations, Chocó Emprende and FUNLEO, and the community of Coquí which have been working together focusing their efforts in materialize the collective vision to convert Coquí in the most important referent Colombian Pacific cuisine. In that way, Chocó Emprende contributes their vision of entrepreneurship and management,

FUNLEO, its trajectory of communitarian development with rural populations in the claim of ingredients and culinary traditions, and the community of Coquí with their unique cultural and biological heritage. In partnership, the three parts work hand in hand in the co- creation of a model where every partner contributes with their knowledge and their strengths.

100% Organic

Our Products

Cold-pressed coconut oil

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Visit Zotea- 2 hrs Cooking Workshop and Lunch

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Daypass- Visit Zotea- 2 hrs Cooking Workshop, Lunch, Mangrooves and Local Knowledge Museum

Our Team


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