The community, with support from FunLeo and Chocó Emprende, is inaugurating a space to encourage the economy of the region and attract tourists through the typical food of the place. An unforgettable experience for those who visit these beaches.

To face the lack of opportunities, unemployment, drug trafficking and state abandonment, the inhabitants of Coquí, located in the municipality of Nuquí (Chocó), are working to make their village become a benchmark for Pacific Colombian gastronomy.

Its inhabitants want to take advantage of the high flow of people visiting the region, especially during whale watching, to seduce nationals and foreigners with the unique flavor of their culture. Their desire that Coquí appears as one of the must-see destinations in the country have been enough to begin to rescue their customs and ancestral knowledge, both in fishing and cooking.

And they are achieving it little by little. For example, for the last five years, the community, with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, has been organizing the Siembra Negro Pacífico Gastronomic Festival, a buffet-style activity in which they offer, free of charge, the typical dishes of the region of Coquí.

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